Thunderstorm Asthma for Pharmacists flowchart


A flowchart for pharmacy to help identify and advise at-risk patients. The flowchart includes information on:

  • Patients requesting medicines for allergic rhinitis (S2 or S4 allergic rhinitis medicines)
  • Patients requesting medicines for asthma (S2 or S3 asthma medicines)

Certain types of thunderstorms in spring or early summer in regions with high grass pollen concentrations in the air can cause life-threatening allergic asthma flare-ups in sensitised individuals, even if they have not had asthma before. Epidemic thunderstorm asthma can occur when such a storm travels across a region and triggers asthma in many susceptible individuals at once.

The flowchart for the pharmacy provides evidence-based guidance on identifying and advising patients who are requesting medicines for asthma and allergic rhinitis.

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